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Tax compliance is a moving target! The complexities are challenging enough to any business as they're currently written; and even more so as the tax codes are ever changing.   Every personal and business decision today has tax consequences. You deserve the most practical, tuned-in and well-crafted tax solutions. Find out how we can keep you keep your personal finances and business taxes in tip top condition.

In today’s continually changing climate we understand that the best approach for our clients is to strike a balance between achieving low tax costs and the prospect of regulatory challenge and sustainability.

With the experienced professionals of Excellent Accounting Services on your side, there's no need to worry. We'll help keep you and your business in complete compliance because we're year-round tax people. We work on taxes all year; upgrade our skills all year; and our skills are based on experience and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Our tax services include:

  • Year round tax services to help evaluate the tax effect of financial transactions and to keep you informed on current tax changes.
  • Development of year-end tax strategies involving timing of income and deductions to take full advantage of tax laws and pending revisions.
  • Federal and state tax return preparation for you and your business.