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Payroll processing requires a thorough, accurate, fast, and cost effective solution with a detailed knowledge of taxes.  The simple act of paying an employee triggers a surprising multitude of other important and necessary actions. Payroll requirements come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of complexity. 

From preparing checks, to handling monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax filings, we can do it all for you.  Service includes processing your payroll each pay cycle, generating paychecks or direct deposits, providing you with reports, paying the required taxes and filing the returns with all related tax agencies throughout the year and at year end. 

Our payroll services take away the worry of needing to employ staff with specialist payroll knowledge. We provide a timely, accurate and flexible service designed to meet your needs.  Our highly trained payroll professionals run payrolls (large and small) for many companies like yours.  Even if you have just a few employees, you can benefit from this service.

The main elements of our service are:
  • Providing a qualified and experienced payroll team
  • Detailed checking of all input and output
  • Easy to read reporting which can be tailored to individual needs
  • Management and application of legislative changes
  • Tax year end processing
Processing includes:
  • New employees and leavers
  • Input of all data
  • Calculation of Federal tax, State Tax, Social security, Medicare, Court Orders and Student Loans
  • Quarterly reports and year end processing of W2’s, 940’s and 941’s.
  • Security pay stubs and BACS processing can be provided